The relations play an important role in your life. Without relations your life is nothing, They provide meaning to your life.  Without relationship, you feel as you are not complete, something like there is an emptyness in life and you feel all alone deep inside in your heart. Something like you have everything with you but you  are alone to enjoy the things. there is no spice to your life. It is like you have prepared your favourite dish but you forget to add salt in it. how tasteless it will be. it seems you are far far away from the world of happiness, joy and love We all should respect relations we have made in our life…. these are the bondings that make the life easier, happier and more joyful. relations give us strength to face the various ups and downs of life.

Some people think the relations are like sheckles. They feel to be quarantined in the relations and feel bounded. they want to be free from relations as they think relations are the obligations and ruin the freedom of the individual. It is something like you have put your finger on throat and they are unable to breathe.It happens with the persons who does not care for the people who love them.

Relations are the most valuable assets of the human.One should try hard to maintain these assets. All materialistic assets can be left for  the relations. Every one needs love and care and this come from the relations what we maintain with affection, attention and appreciation.